Fact Sheet – Avoiding Electrical Hazards in the Workplace

Inspection and Testing of Equipment

Use only Australian standards approved equipment

Staff should do regular Checking of all electrical equipment to ensure that all cords are free of wear and especially where single insulated wires are exposed, and that to check that insulating covering is free of cracks, holes, or other damage. All equipment covers and casings are in good order and that quick release switches are in Good working order.

Any electrical equipment that is damaged, malfunctioning or shows signs of out of ordinary wear … eg excessive heating or giving off a “burning” odour, it should be tagged “Danger do not Operate” removed from use and then repaired by a licensed electrical repairer.

Power Outlets on the wall must free of cracks, breaks, or other obvious damage. Outlet damage must be reported immediately for repair.

If equipment produces shock, no matter how slight, it should be tagged “Danger do not Operate” removed from use and then repaired by a licensed electrical repairer.

Operators of Electrical equipment should avoid excess bending, stretching and kinking of electrical supply cords. Cords must never be pulled out by the lead from wall outlets. Cords must never be stapled, tacked, or nailed to walls or floors because insulation can become damaged if it is placed under stress or is breached by metal fixings

Take care of your Electrical Equipment and it will take care of you!

Here at Tested & True ~ test & tag, we can come to your work place and do an assessment of your Electrcal Hazards it is usually offered as an extra service and conducted at the same time as we test and tag your Electrical Equipment. We provide a Full Report with recommedations to clear up current Hazards and how to prevent future risks. Call and ask for a quote. 040 7605568

Tested and True uses the very latest in Portable Appliance Testing…The STC ProLogger 2 it can perform RCD testing, Earth Leakage Detection and Run Testing all in one operation.On top this all our Technicians are Trained to National Standard UEENEEP008 by Intertag in Sydney NSW, all our Equipment is in good repair and in Calibration. Most of all we pride ourselves on our Knowledge of OH&S legislation and the current Australiand Standards ensuring that you get Quality Service at a competitive price.

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Peter Hill Manager , Tested & True ~ test & tag Adelaide June 2011

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