Electrical Safety makes sense at Home


Feel a tingle from an appliance or Damage an appliance or Spill liquid on/or near an appliance

Turn off the main switch immediately, then unplug the appliance. Repairs should always be carried out by a licensed electrical contractor. You should also turn off the main switch and contact a professional if you feel a tingle from plumbing, other metal or your sink. This could indicate problems with earthing.

Don’t do it yourself

Attempting to do electrical work yourself is against the law and could cause serious injury or death. All electrical wiring work, including the connection and technical maintenance of fixed appliances, like hotplates, ovens, ceiling fans or water heaters, must be carried out by a licensed electrical contractor. You should always follow the manufacturer’s electrical directions for using and maintaining your appliances. Home made extension cords can be a real hazard too; pre-assembled ones are cheaper and much safer.

Non-electrical DIY work.

Whenever you plan to work around the house or garden, think about the location of powerlines and cables. This is particularly important if you are cutting, nailing or screwing into walls or partitions, or using a metal ladder outdoors.

Home safety checklist

In every room:

  • check for any damaged or broken appliances, power points, light switches or power leads
  • check for any ‘stacked’ double adapters or excessive use of extension leads
  • check for exposed power points within reach of children, and fit plastic safety inserts

In the kitchen

Make sure that small appliances are well away from the sink or draining board

In the bathroom

Remove portable heaters; if necessary arrange to have a proper bathroom heater installed

Make sure everyone in the house knows that hair dryers, shavers, and other appliances must be used only with dry hands and special care is taken ensure that appliances do not come into contact with water.

The laundry, pool or spa

electricity supplies in wet areas should be protected by installed or portable safety switches; these sensitive devices instantly cut off power in the event of an irregularity

use only low voltage (12-24 volt) accessories with, or near pools, fountains, spas or other water installations.

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We at Tested & True take Electrical Safety Seriously!  whether that be at home or in the Workplace. Primarily, we provide workplace electrical safety services, We are available to check your Safety Switch and RCD’s to ensure the best for Home safety also…  Of course the best way is to ensure that your appliances are not hazardous in the first place. Tested & True ~ test & tag comes to your work place at a time convenient to you. We can do an assessment of your Electrical Hazards it can be conducted at the same time as we test and tag your Electrical Equipment. We provide a Full Report with recommedations to clear up current Hazards and how to prevent future risks. Call and ask for a quote. 040 7605568

Tested & True ~ test & tag  Adelaide uses the very latest in Portable Appliance Testing…The STC ProLogger 2 it can perform RCD testing, Earth Leakage Detection and Run Testing all in one neat piece of equipment. On top this all our Technicians are Trained to National Standard UEENEEP008 in test & tag operations by Intertag in Sydney NSW, all our Equipment is in good repair and in Calibration. Most of all we pride ourselves on our Knowledge of OH&S legislation and the current Australiand Standards ensuring that you get Quality Service at a competitive price.

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Peter Hill Manager , Tested & True ~ test & tag Adelaide November 2011

3 thoughts on “Electrical Safety makes sense at Home

  1. I couldn’t agree more on the title itself. Prioritising electrical safety at home really does make sense for every home or building. It not only saves the property from burning and turning into ashes but also saves lives of the occupants.

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