Why use an Electrician?

You may think that a little knowledge of Electrical theory or perhaps doing some experimental wiring around your house makes you an Experienced and Knowledgeable technician. Well not so!: Being a licensed Electrician requires a great knowledge of wiring distribution systems and wired devices that can only be taught in a safe environment with qualified Instructors. On top of this being a qualified Electrician also requires a good understanding of SAA wiring rules known as the standard AS/NZS 3000:2007.

The Standard sets out requirements for the design, construction and verification of electrical installations. These requirements are intended to protect persons, livestock, and property from electric shock, fire and physical injury hazards that may arise from an electrical installation that is used with reasonable care and with due regard to the intended purpose of the electrical installation.

Electrical installation work in all states and territories can only be undertaken by licensed electricians or electrical contractors. In addition, a person or business must not carry on or offer to carry on any electrical contracting work unless they are registered or licensed electrical contractors in accordance with the Electrical Licensing/Registration Scheme in that particular state or territory.

These rules are for the protection of the community – they give you recourse if something goes wrong, and also help to ensure that the electrician you use is qualified and able to carry out a quality job.  Don’t risk electrocution, or worse, by doing it yourself – use a professional.

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Our Electricians are licensed and qualified in Hazardous work (Heights , confined spaces etc)… They will ensure that your workplace as Safe and working correctly. They are an integral part of our company ensuring both safety in electrical wiring and with your electrical appliances also. Tested & True ~ test & tag comes to your work place at a time convenient to you. We can do an assessment of your Electrical Hazards it can be conducted at the same time as we test and tag your Electrical Equipment. We provide a Full Report with recommedations to clear up current Hazards and how to prevent future risks. Call and ask for a quote. 040 7605568 Tested & True ~ test & tag Adelaide uses the very latest in Portable Appliance Testing…The STC ProLogger 2 it can perform RCD testing, Earth Leakage Detection and Run Testing all in one neat piece of equipment. On top this all our Technicians are Trained to National Standard UEENEEP008 in test & tag operations by Intertag in Sydney NSW, all our Equipment is in good repair and in Calibration. Most of all we pride ourselves on our Knowledge of OH&S legislation and the current Australiand Standards ensuring that you get Quality Service at a competitive price. Call Now Mobile 040 7605568

Visit us at http://www.testedandtrue.com.au or our Newsletter http://testedtruenewsletter.blogspot.com/

Peter Hill Manager , Tested & True ~ test & tag Adelaide March 2012

2 thoughts on “Why use an Electrician?

  1. So right! the news all over the world is littered with stories of DIY electrical jobs gone wrong, often causing loss of life. In the UK it is the same story and we are often called out to rectify a job gone wrong as I am sure you are.

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