The SAfer Approach to Managing Electrical Hazards

One method of  reducing Electrical hazards is to use a practical approach which in turn engenders a culture of  electrical safety in your Workplace. One such approach is called the

S A f e r approach

See it (hazard identification) Record the Hazard , its location and briefly/accurately describe the reasons why it is a hazard !

Assess it (risk assessment) Assess the likelihood that a person will be hurt,
how badly they will be hurt, how they could be hurt, how much, how long
and how often a person is exposed to the hazard.

Fix it (risk control) How are the hazards going to be controlled?
If elimination of the hazard is not possible, other controls should be
implemented to reduce potential risks.  These controls may include the use
of Residual Current Devices (RCDs). Other controls that should be considered are: safety switches, regular monitoring, record keeping, the testing of electrical equipment and fixed wiring, safe systems of work and personal protective equipment.

Evaluate once the most appropriate fix has been selected and implemented.
It is important to evaluate whether the fix has been successful in controlling
the hazard. Simply re-assessing the risk again will establish if the hazard has
been eliminated or reduced.

Review after a period of time and if the work environment or work practices change. A review of this process is needed to continually control the hazard.

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Peter Hill Manager , Tested & True ~ test & tag Adelaide April 2012