Keeping up with the Standards

As I go about my work I notice that many other workplaces and hence businesses have gone about their Safety Provisions, much the way they always have. Most notably the Construction Industry where outdated and sometimes dangerous practices still exist!

Having quizzed some Builders and Contractors in the Industry I found that they were simply unaware that  their was  updated version of AS/NZS 3012 (the Standard for Electrical installations—Construction and demolition sites), and that had been released in 2010. Though they were still complying with 2003  standard, they were not aware of the superseded AS/NZS 3012:2010

The main differences between the 2010 version and the 2003 version include:

  • new maximum allowable lengths apply for flexible extension leads used with equipment where safety is dependant on reliable starting of motors such as motors that may draw high starting currents;
  • the use of domestic-type double adaptors and multi-plug adaptors is clearly prohibited;
  • the inspection and tests on construction wiring and some of the tests on isolated winding generators must now be carried out by a person authorised to carry out the electrical installation work required, e.g., a licensed electrician;
  • a requirement to protect temporary construction wiring against mechanical damage by use of insulating conduit, flexible electrical hose, armoured cable or equivalent means;

a requirement for energized permanent wiring to be identified and assessed for risk of damage from construction activities.

At about the same time, the  standard AS/NZS 3760:2010.(in service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment) …has also changed and that there are revised and in some cases new requirements for  testing portable electrical appliances and cord assemblies and their frequency of testing.

Copies of these standard are available from the SAI Global website:

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Peter Hill Manager , Tested & True ~ test & tag Adelaide June 2012