Be Safe This Winter with these Electrical Safety Tips


Time to pull on the Uggies and put those warm Trackie Dacks on (Tracksuit/Sweat suit) and get out you favorite electrical heating appliance… aah Cosy, Warm …and Safe !?! (well you’d hope)

Statistics show that sales of electrical appliances increase during May. The first winter like chill and we are down at the shops looking for the easiest  and sometimes the cheapest way to warm ourselves… Then at that point; it is a Good time to review safety tips on buying and using electrical appliances.

Large electrical appliances are a major cause of electrocutions. Make sure appliances are purchased
from reputable dealers and have been certified by Australian standards.  The introduction of cheap/counterfeit electrical appliances products into the marketplace is on the rise. Appliances must comply with the minimum safety requirements contained in Australian Standard AS/NZS 3820:1998. Here below is a tick mark to look for on all approved equipment.

For portable heaters used frequently  during colder months. Following manufacturers’
instructions is the first step in avoiding electrical hazards.

Power boards and extension cords do not provide more power, but increase access to electrical outlets. As we try to meet 21st century power needs in homes and buildings with too few outlets to meet needs, our use of power boards and extension cords increases. Use of  improperly rated extension cords and power boards is among the causes of many  electrical fires each year.


If an appliance repeatedly blows a fuse, trips Safety Switch / breaker or has given you an electrical shock, immediately unplug it and have it repaired or replaced. Look for cracks or damage in wiring, plugs and connectors.

Use surge protectors to protect expensive electronics.

Check the wattage of bulbs in lamps and light fixtures to make sure they are the correct wattage. Replace bulbs that have a higher than recommended wattage;
they are a fire hazard. Make sure bulbs are screwed in securely because loose bulbs can overheat.

Halogen lamps operate at high temperatures. Make sure halogen bulbs do not come into contact with curtains, clothing or other flammable materials.


Electric blankets should be rolled when stored away. Folding an electric blanket can damage element wires within the blanket.
When using a blanket for the first time after storage, lay it flat on the bed and check for hot spots as it heats up. Only add sheets once you are sure the blanket will operate safely at a maximum temperature.
Electric blankets that are not properly maintained can cause fires.
Avoid using double adaptors or power boards wherever possible.
Older electric blankets might be damaged and may not have the safety features of modern blankets, so consider replacing them.

To avoid disaster, children need to be aware of  improper uses of electric items and the consequences of unsafe behavior. Practicing safe electrical habits early in life will be valuable through out adulthood.

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Peter Hill Manager , Tested & True ~ test & tag Adelaide May 2013

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