The Safety Switch turns off, so what do you do?

A simple step by step guide to fault finding a tripped Safety Switch.

Note: Some types of appliances may cause incidental or nuisance tripping of your Safety Switch or RCD device. Typically Water Heaters, Electric Jugs and Kettles, Steam Irons, Dishwashers, washing Machines, Swimming Pool Equipment, Auto Defrost Refrigerators and Freezers.

Most Important: If your Safety Switch has turned off, it has done so for a reason. It has detected a leak of some electricity. This may be through a faulty appliance or it may be a fault in the house wiring. These instructions will help you find that leak.  

  1. First try to turn the Safety Switch on.[Marked Residual Current Device]
  2. If it stays on then the fault was intermittent or transient and we can do nothing at this stage. Refer to Note above.
  3. Think of what you were using at the time.
  4.  If the Residual Current Device trips off again, got to point 5.
  5. Turn on the Residual Current Device.
  6. If it won’t stay on then you will have to unplug all appliances!
  7. This includes any outside power points or power to outbuildings.
  8. At this point the Residual Current Device should stay on. [If not you will need to call an Electrician.]
  9. If the Residual Current Device stays on then turn the Circuit Breakers on one at a time.
  10. When you come to the leaking circuit, the Residual Current Device will turn off.
  11. Unplug all appliances that are plugged in to power points that do not work.
  12. Turn the Residual Current Device on. If it won’t stay on then you will have to call an Electrician.
  13. If it stays on, then one of the appliances you have unplugged is faulty. Plug the items in, one at a time until you find the faulty one.

Remember Do not fix any Electrical device yourself, give the device to a suitably qualified electrical repair workshop or if under warranty consult with the manufacturer for the possibility of repair under those warranty conditions.

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Peter Hill Manager , Tested & True ~ test & tag Adelaide September 2013

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