What does a Testing and Tagging Technician Actually do?

Many of our clients organise regular test and tagging services simply because it is easier and safer.

A regular program of testing and tagging comprises of: (standard 10/15Amp 3 wire cabled appliance and plugged multi phase equipment)

A visual check to ensure the integrity of the Electrical cord and Appliance construction

  • The Technician looks for Cuts and breaks in appliance and power cables may present as an  electrical hazard.
  • An inspection of the integrity of the appliance housing looking for cracks and holes which may expose personnel to an electrical hazard.

A series of electrical tests are then conducted to detect the unobservable faults not found by the visual inspection process, and forms an integral part of the inspection/testing process.

The equipment is turned off to allow the technician access to the appliance plug. All tests are performed by disconnecting the appliance from the building power and connecting the plug to an insulation tester or a Portable Appliance Test-set built for the purpose of performing the tests automatically and uniformly. These Tests are:

  1. Earthing continuity test: (specifically for metal shrouded appliances) to ensure there is adequate connection between the earth pin on the plug of the appliance and the metal cover shrouding the appliance.
  2. Insulation resistance test: to ensure that no path exists with the appliance/lead for electrical current to transit from the active wires to earth.
  3. Continuity Loop test: to make the sure that the active circuit which powers the appliance has a good solid connection and in no way presents as an electrical hazard.
  4. Polarity Test: (only for items which distribute power: leads, power-boards, adapters etc) to ensure that the wires of an extension cord/power board appear the same order of connection at the plug as the do at the socket

Other Equipment Tests Include:

 RCD test to test the tripping time of a RCD to ensure your safety switch or RCD does work properly and switches off in a fault situation quick enough to save personnel from Harm.

3Phase Test: usually high powered workshop and building site equipment with multiple active wire connections (tests performed on 3phase test are similar to that of standard appliance tests outlined above)

Emergency Exit sign test: Tests the ability for an emergency exit sign to stay on when power is off 30 minutes is the expected time, if it fails to reach the expected time then the circuitry/ battery will be in need repair or replacement .

That is it, in a very basic overview if you need to know more please either contact us or contact Safe-Work SA (South Australia) http://www.safework.sa.gov.au/  1300 365 255 or The Workplace Safety Authority in your local area.

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Peter Hill Manager Tested & True ~ test & tag Manager SA 0407605568 January 2014