What Do I need Surge Protector or UPS?

Surge protectors … will protect your equipment from sudden  and dangerous in creases  or spikes in Voltage… They effective in shunting the excess power to earth in the event of the voltage increasing beyond 240 Volts (Australian Single phase appliance line voltage) … so that your equipment safe by making sure only a designated amount of power actually reaches your connected equipment. You can buy them as single-outlet units or multi-outlet power boards.


An Uninterruptible Power Supply ( UPS) has that same qualities , but they provide a back-up power supply for a limited amount of time in case of a blackout or in some more sophisticated units  brown out protection (power goes low <240V) smoothing out any power fluctuations. This means if the power fails you have a good amount of time to save your work on your computer and shut it down normally.



Here is the very latest findings from (ACCC) The Choice Website https://www.choice.com.au/electronics-and-technology/computers/computer-accessories/buying-guides/ups-and-surge-protectors

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WE can give you advice on choosing an UPS or Surge Power board to suit your Requirements…. and At Tested and True …we come to your work place at a time convenient to you. We can do an assessment of your Electrical Hazards it can be conducted at the same time as we test and tag your Electrical Equipment. We provide a Full Report with recommendations to clear up current Hazards and how to prevent future risks. Call and ask for a quote. 040 7605568 Tested & True ~ test & tag Adelaide uses the very latest in Portable Appliance Testing…The STC ProLogger 2 it can perform RCD testing, Earth Leakage Detection and Run Testing all in one neat piece of equipment. On top this all our Technicians are Trained to National Standard UEENEEP026 in test & tag operations , all our Equipment is in good repair and in Calibration. Most of all we pride ourselves on our Knowledge of OH&S legislation and the current Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760:2010 ensuring that you get Quality Service at a competitive price. Call Now Mobile 040 7605568

Visit us at http://www.testedandtrue.com.au located in Lonsdale, South Australia

Peter Hill Manager Tested & True ~ test & tag Manager SA 0407605568 May 2016


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